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Configurator Commerce

From NewFoundry

Smithy is the product configurator platform trusted by leading brands to increase customer engagement, automate sales workflows, and give shoppers a personalized experience. Digital marketers drive better results with Smithy.

  • Platform solution customized to create a seamless experience with the rest of your website

  • Secure, compliant platform infrastructure and active site monitoring provide worry-free operations

  • Built-in rules engine manages products from simple to highly complex

  • Showcase high-profit features, packages, and accessories

  • Always-accurate price information updates dynamically

  • Includes consulting services to help set and measure performance toward ROI, lead generation, and site traffic goals – all without adding staff

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Smithy delivers over 1000% ROI

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Showcase your product with stunning, dynamic visuals

Range of available rendering options to meet your needs and budget

Augmented reality Virtual realityUser defined scenic backgrounds
Key advantages:
  • Provide a captivating shopping experience that is cohesive with your brand’s website and makes buying easy.
  • Add digital marketing impact. Increase leads, capture contacts, track analytics, and integrate with any CRM.
  • Ensure accuracy of product details and pricing that’s in-step with manufacturing and marketing databases.
Join the leading brands that know:
  • Showing is better than telling. It removes ambiguity and builds customer confidence.
  • Confident customers are more likely to buy, and to buy more.
  • For capturing valuable, high-quality leads effortlessly, a configurator can’t be beat.
  • Configurator users are informed, increasing conversions and shortening sales cycles.
  • The best configurators integrate the ‘vital five’: consumers, dealers, marketing, sales, and manufacturing.

Outstanding results for both B2C and B2B

Simply having a configurator improves B2B customer retention by nearly 5%. Best-in-class firms that use a configurator:

  • Turn 30% more quotes into orders
  • Average 5x greater year-over-year revenue growth
  • See 4x five-year net profit growth
  • Are over 2x more efficient with proposal development resources
  • Save $1 million in sales rep costs over 10 years
  • See 4x growth in net profit over a five-year span
  • Are over 2x more effective at minimizing sales personnel
  • Save $1 million in sales rep replacement costs over 10 years

Where is Smithy used?

On the web, as a mobile application, in the showroom, and anywhere else that you want buyers to see and play with options in order to build their final product.

Sales teams love using Smithy configurators to learn about the breadth of feasible product combinations. Sales reps rely on it during consultation with showroom customers to help with selections and pricing. Smithy acts as a CPQ (configure, price, quote) system in B2B sales environments.

Just a few of the industries that can benefit:
  • Transportation
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction and heavy industry
  • Furniture
  • Consumer goods
  • Insurance
  • Medical devices
  • Technology hardware
  • Software